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live everyday like it's your 1st..everyday find a way to help an animal, it's their world too, and they were here first!

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My story has many many chapters, cliff notes are my job prohibits me from sharing, you'll have to wait until my memoirs, sorry my friends, rules are rules. all i can say is everyday I make it safer for you not to have to worry about all the bad things that are in this world. I don't do it for the thank yous, the glory, and definitely not the paycheck, I do it for all those who sacrificed it all before me, maybe 1day evil will be gone...God, country, and abused,neglected animals are my passion.


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A. migraines usually come with pain, it could just be issues with your vision if it's just light sensitivity but i highly recommend going to an eye...
A. soak your foot in epison salt and hot water(hot enough that you won't burn yourself) 3 times a day, the red spots are probably small broken blood...
A. none, all medicines are processed through liver. the liver is the bodys super filter it breaks down all the toxins the body doesn't want/need...