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Are eating carrots bad for people who are at-risk for macular degeneration?

My eye doctors have told me that I should stay away from eating carrots since there is a long history of macular degeneration in my family.  Almost everyone on my mothers side has had one kind or the other.  Is there any truth that eating carrots could be bad for you?  I like to eat carrots but I am not a nut about eating them.  I may have a several small ones with dinner now and again but that's it.  Thanks for your time


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This is not something I've heard before and is not a typical diet recommendation. A variety of fruits and veggies are encouraged to help prevent macular degeneration, especially leafy greens like spinach due to their high lutein content.

At your next visit, I suggest asking your eye doctors why they recommend no carrots so you can better understand the reasoning behind it. 

Good luck!

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