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i had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago. Ive been having the same pains i had before it was removed. Can it grow back?

If it isnt possible for it to grow back. what are the pains ive been having?

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I'm sorry to hear you're in pain.

The good news is once the gallbladder's been removed, it can never cause you a problem again. The gallbladder cannot grow back.

The pain you are experiencing might feel a lot like the old gallbladder pain, but it's definitely something else. The thing is, the body isn't all that great about pinpointing the source of pain. This means your pain could be coming from anywhere in the same region as your gallbladder used to be.

I suggest you see a doctor for further evaluation. He or she might want to check your liver, your pancreas or even your intestines. Any of these structures (and many others) could cause pain similar to that of gallstones. The only way you'll know for sure is with a physical examination.

Wishing you well!

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