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What health consequences will I face because of my meal plan for my eating disorder and the desserts that I eat nightly?

I am currently recovering from an eating disorder and have to follow a meal plan. Sadly, this requires me to eat dessert every night. I have been doing so since about mid-February. I am a fitness and nutrition fanatic (this did not help in developing an) and I have a major fear of suffering health consequences due to the fact that I am forced to eat sugary desserts every night. Is there any health repercussions? What should I do?

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The important thing is that you understand why the dessert is in your meal plan. Talking with your therapist is key because he or she is likely doing it to help change your relationship with food. The tendency with eating disorders/disordered eating is people give too much power to a single food instead of looking at the overall pattern of eating. 
As for your health, no, eating a sweet food everyday will not ruin your health (I do it!), especially when your diet is balanced. It's the extremes that are harmful -- eating sweets/chips/empty calorie foods all day long or eliminating so many foods/items that it's hard to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy eating.

I hope that helps. Good luck on your journey!

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