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Can you have colon cancer and develope bone cancer

I had stage 111 20  years ago. The doctors gave me 8 months to live, now I'm 64 years old now. I have pain in the same area of my Colon cancer. At first I felt it was my left kidney, because I produce about 5 stones per year, on the left kidney, My pain is about 4 ins. on my lower left side, but now it has gotten more painful, sometimes my whole body hurts. I feel so tried, drained, it feels like every bone in my body is  being crushed. I guess I'm just scared to hear cancer again.


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my mother had 3 different types of cancer one at a time and spread apart by years. my sisters and i believe its in the blood stream once you get one kind. hitting where it wants next. but ask a cancer specialist for best bet. maybe you can help me? doc said i have vita deficient been on strong meds a  year now having pains and now have vitaminb12 deficiency and need shots once a week and meds possibly for life. now they want to do colonostopy for cancer? do you have these vitamin deficiencies?

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