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What can I do to reduce the risk of multiple births?


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During a fertility treatment cycle when fertility drugs are used with timed intercourse or insemination, your doctor will monitor your cycle very carefully. The use of fertility medications makes it more likely that one or more eggs will be fertilized. However, if it appears that too many eggs are developing, your doctor may cancel your cycle and tell you not to have an insemination or intercourse to eliminate your risk of multiple births. In vitro fertilization (IVF) means that your egg and your partner’s sperm are joined (fertilized) in the laboratory and the doctor places the fertilized eggs (embryos) into your womb. It is much less likely that you will become pregnant with triplets or more if only one or two embryos are placed in your womb.

Before the placement of these embryos (embryo transfer), you and your doctor will decide how many embryos to place in your womb. ASRM has published guidelines on the number of embryos to transfer when undergoing an IVF cycle. These guidelines can be found at If three or more embryos implant inside your uterus, your doctor may suggest that you undergo a procedure called selective reduction. Selective reduction allows you and your doctor to reduce the number of fetuses to one or two. Usually the procedure is done early in the pregnancy to increase the chance of a healthy and successful pregnancy. Choosing to do this procedure is difficult. Couples who are thinking about this option should talk to a counselor.

You can find more information from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine on this topic here:

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